Wednesday, 7 December 2011

..outer and inner circle..

Actually outer and inner circle is a game.Miss Zu asked us to make 2 circle.Outer and inner circle.The game start when person who inner circle face person at outer circle.Then Miss Zu asked us to communicate each other about ourselves.She gave us one minute to share our personal with our partner.From this game, we can know about our friend details more such as their full name, about their family and others.After that we change our partner.This time Miss Zu gave us a topic to discussed with our partner.The topic are such as our status, our idol, and so on.I felt very happy and excited during played the 'outer and inner circle' game.I think, this game is good for us because it can make our relation between classmate become more closer.Besides we can know more about our friends.The next day, we played 'outer and inner circle' game again.The instruction of the game is same but Miss Zu gave a different topic.We discussed about comedy film, about cooking and football game.Again, I felt very happy played this game.I hope we can play this game again so that we can make our relation between classmate more closer.

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