Wednesday, 7 December 2011

..3 facts 1 lie..

3 facts and 1 lie is like a game.But it different from 'outer and inner circle' game.The instruction are we must get in 2 pairs.Then we must present our partner personal details such name, originated from, date of born, and others.After that we must tell 4 facts about our partner, but there is 1 lie and we must guess which one is lie.My partner is Nazira binti Jamil.She come from Johor Bharu at Taman Daya.She born on 2 November 1993 at Hospital Sultanah Aminah.She have six siblings and she is the youngest.Her idol is Tun Husin Onn.For her, Tun Husin Onn is a important person who independent our country.She also likes red, yellow, blue and purple colour.Her favourite movies are Real Steel and I am number 4.Four facts about her are she loves to marching.This is because she was a sergeant of a police cadet in a primary scholl for 2 years.Second, she had grown up at Sabah and Sarawak.Her father was work as a police officer, so that why she got to move away offently.Third, she extremely do not like sports because for her sport is tiredly and waste a lot of time.Lastly, she is direct-speaking person.She likes to be honest in whatever kind situation or conversation.In addition, she likes to be honest with everyone.So, from the 4 facts about Nazira, there is 1 lie.Can you guest which one is lie?

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