Friday, 2 December 2011

..expectation in BEL 120's class..

  What I expect in BEL 120's class?Everyone have their own expectations.For instance some people like study with music, fresh learning enviroment, small number of student in class and others.I do not expect any expectation much.
  But, for me the very important thing is as long as lecturer teach me sincerely.Sincerity of what lecturer teach is very important.But, it's not mean I don't has any expectation.Can I get expectation same like as a kindergarden's children?The teacher treat student nicely until accompany children go to toilet.But, I don't think I will not get treatment like that.
  Actually what I expect in BEL 120's class is already given from Miss Zu.First impression she entered class, I thought she is a student.Guess what, she is a lecturer.I can't believe it.She is very out going person and when she speak, everyone can hear her voice.Lastly I hope I can improve my English better.

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