Saturday, 24 December 2011

..127 Hours movie's review..

        127 Hours is a movie about mountain climber, Aron Ralston who likes an outdoor activities.One day, on Saturday, he woke up early morning for an adventure trek alone.He packed all things he need during mounting, then he started his journey.There, he meets two girls who are lost.Aron help the girls.Aron and the two girls introduce themselves.They spend time together happily.After that, they say goodbye each other.
        Aron continue his journey alone.During his journey, suddenly he falls into a very deep hole.A big stone rolling onto his arm.Aron realises that he stuck with the big stone.He clam himself and try to find a way to release the big stone.He brought out all things in his bag and try to find anything that he can use to save himself.Suddenly, he took a small knife to scrape off the stone.He scrape off the stone until it become blunt.While he scrape off the stone with engrossed, suddenly the knife is fall onto the ground.But, he never give up.He took back the knife with stick.Then he continue scrape off the stone until he tired then he sleep.
        The next day, on Sunday, Aron still can't escape from the stone.He felt very tired.He took his video camera and watched video that he had recorded.He remember the two girls who he meets last day.He also remember the moment during he batching the lake in the cave.On Monday, he think another way to escape from the stone.He took the long strap and try to lift up the stone.But. it not working.He felt very sad, tired, hungry and thirsty.After that, he decide to cut his arm with knife.But, it also not working because the knife is blunt.Suddenly, rain is fall.He felt happy because he can refill water.After a few minute, water become more full in the cave.He can get any air.Suddenly, he escape from the stone.He felt very happy.But, it just only a dream.
       The last day on Tuesday, he woke up at 7.00 a.m.He took his video camera and record himself.In his video, he said he loves his family, friends and his girlfriend.He felt very sad.Lastly, he decide to cut his arm.He tight his arm with strap the he cut arm using knife.After a few minute his arm successful cut.After that, one family save himself.
       127 Hours is an adventure and survival story.It contain many moral values such as never give up.Although Aron took 127 hours to save himself, but he never give up.He try way by way to save.I think this movie is suitable for everyone who are 13 years old and above.This is because this movie is very adventure.

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