Sunday, 13 January 2013

..petua imam syafie..

Empat perkara menguatkan badan
1. makan daging
2. memakai haruman
3. kerap mandi
4. berpakaian dari kapas

Empat perkara melemahkan badan
1. banyak berkelamin (bersetubuh)
2. selalu cemas
3. banyak minum air ketika makan
4. banyak makan bahan yang masam

Empat perkara menajamkan mata
1. duduk mengadap kiblat
2. bercelak sebelum tidur
3. memandang yang hijau
4. berpakaian bersih

Empat perkara merosakan mata
1. memandang najis
2. melihat orang dibunuh
3. melihat kemaluan
4. membelakangi kiblat

Empat perkara menajamkan fikiran
1. tidak banyak berbual kosong
2. rajin bersugi (gosok gigi)
3. bercakap dengan orang soleh
4. bergaul dengan para ulama

Monday, 30 January 2012

..speaking practice..

Today miss zu wants us to practice a speaking skills for speaking test. Speaking is around the corner so we need to practice before the test. As usual we need to make our group. But this time miss zu wants us to choose other group members. Each group has four members. My group members are Fakhrul, Ridhwan, Mas and Ada. This is first time we work together in group. Before this, I always with Zira. This is because I’m feel comfortable and easy work with her. My group instruction is The Malaysian public is not very concerned about cleanliness and good maintenance of public amenities. Discuss what the problems are and how we can encourage and give awareness to the public on this issue. Fakhrul as Doctor Dr. Hj. Fakhrul from Hospital Kuala Lumpur, Ridhwan as Dato’ Ridhwan from ministry of health and Ada and Mas as a citizen. I’m as a host. We enjoyed this activity because it can help us to practice how to speak in front of people and speak properly. Even my group has a lot of lacking such as discuss the same topic, but it teach us to learn from mistake. Lastly, I hope all student of group JIM 110 1A can do the best in speaking test and get the best result. Amin…..

Sunday, 29 January 2012 poem..

N - nice person fully describe about you
A - abstemious nature describe you as a kindly and helpful person
Z - zany person who i never met before
I - intelligent person as you always share your opinion
R - responsible with any task given
A - active person as you like sport

NAZIRA, you are the best buddy who i never have before and always with me when i needed.You are an irreplacessible buddy.

..conjunctions & prepositions..


Conjunctions is used to link of words to other parts of a sentence and show relations between them. There are three basic of conjunction :

  • coordinating 
  • correlative
  • subordinating
  1. Coordinating - join single words, phrases and clauses. For example
  • And - show addition, causes and result
  • Or, Nor - express alternative or choice
  • But, Yet - show contrast
  • For - introduces a cause or reason
  • So - introduces results
     2. Correlative- connect complete sentences, words or phrases of similar structure.For example
  • Either...or - means 'one or the other'
  • Neither...nor - means not one or another
  • Not only...but - there are several ways to use this conjunction
  • Both..and - usually used to connect only words
     3. Subordinating 
  • Time - answer the question 'when'
  • Place - answer the question 'where'
  • Reason - answer the question 'why'


Prepositions is used to connect words that show relationship among words in a sentence.

  • Time - show movement of a person or thing ( across, along, by, past, through, around, etc.)
  • Position - show the position of a person or thing ( under, beside, before, apposite, between, etc.)
  • Time - used tho show time (on, about, until, for, since, inside, during, till, etc.)


Pronouns take the place of nouns in sentences.In other word, pronouns used to to replace nouns.There are four types of pronouns which are :

  • personal pronouns - i, you, he, she, we, they
  • reflexive pronoun - myself, yourself, itself, themselves, yourselves
  • relative pronoun - who, whose, which, that
  • interrogative pronoun - what, when, where, why, how (WH questions)

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

..adjectives & adverbs..


Adjectives is used to describe nouns. In other word, adjectives describe thing, people, place, and others. For example, fresh orange, green vegetables, fried fish and etc.Adjectives can come before nouns, after the verb 'to-be' and after intransitive verbs (feel, taste, smell, appear, look, sound, seem).
Example of adjectives :

  • A delicious meal
  • A tiring day
  • He is thirsty
  • The cheese smells awful

The comparative form of an adjective or adverb compares two thing. Such comparative are usually formed by adding -er.For example :
  • This knife is sharper than that one
  • Elephant is larger than ant
The superlative are used to compare three or more people or things.These adjectives are usually form by adding -est to an adjectives and using the article 'the' in front of it.For example :
  • Abu is the hungrier than Ali
  • This is the dirtiest food stall I have ever seen


Adverbs are used to describe verbs.Generally, adverbs tell how, when, where the verbs happen.
  • adverbs that tell how an action takes place - quickly, higher, nicely, patiently
  • adverbs that describe when something happen - soon, yesterday, now, today
  • adverbs that describe where something happens - here, outside, inside, around
The family of adverbs :
  1. Adverbs of manner - answer the question HOW (happily, funnily, foolishly, tidily)
  2. Adverbs of place - answer the question WHERE (anywhere, inside, everywhere, behind)
  3. Adverbs of time - answer the question WHEN (tomorrow, soon, recently, presently, lately)
  4. Adverbs of degree - answer the question TO WHAT EXTENT (enough, nearly, greatly,totally)
  5. Adverbs of frequency - answer the question HOW OFTEN (usually, annually, monthly, ever, hardly)

Thursday, 12 January 2012

..conversation of situation involve in saying GOOD BYE..

Today Miss Zu give us a task about conversation of situation involve in saying good bye.She show us some of example situation in saying good bye.For example, friend saying good bye for for semester break, a mother saying good bye to her daughter before go to school and others.We need in pair to do the conversation.My friend need to guess what me and my partner talking about.The person who can guess what we are talking about will get 10 cent.My partner is Nazira.We decide to do a conversation about saying good bye between house mate.This is our conversation :
NAZIRA : Huhh...the whole day packing all the goods, but it still not enough for me.There have more goods in my closet to pack it.
FADHILAH : Take a breath Zira.Here a glass of water to wet your throat.
NAZIRA : Thank you.Where are the others?I can see they are not around here.Wow ! so fast you have done packed the goods.
FADHILAH : They went out for a while to buy the ingredients for tonight dishes.My goods are not too much.That's why I have done pack the goods
NAZIRA : I can see the goods there.
FADHILAH : Ahah ! My parents is here.Can you lend me your hand to bring my goods to my parent's car?

( After 5 minutes...)

NAZIRA : We have just known each other in a very short time.But, I feels like I have just known you for a long time ago.We shares a lot of sweet and bitter moments together and I expect you will never forget about it forever and ever.I really hope you will not forget me where ever you are.I do appreciate our relationship.It is great to be your friend.
FADHILAH : Me too Zira.I will never be regret for knowing you as my friend.You are the truly friend who I never have.It so hard to find someone like you.Do pray for my successful in the future.
NAZIRA : I will.Hopefully this is not our last meeting.Good bye my dear friend.
FADHILAH : Hopefully.Bye !