Friday, 2 December 2011

..first day in BEL's 120 class..

BEL?what is BEL?actually BEL is stand for....Miss Zu is a lecturer for BEL's 120 subject..Guest what?First time she entered the class, I thought she is a new student..But I'm wrong !! she is a lecturer..I believe if anyone look at her, no one will believe she is a lecturer..(sorry Miss Zu)..but, I'm proud of her..Became a lecturer at a young age..As usual, she introduced herself..Her name Miss Zuraidah binti Sumery..After that student introduce theirselve to Miss Zu..First day class Miss Zu had given an assignment..OMG !! All student need to create their own blog..Not personal blog, but blog about BEL 120's class..Everything about BEL 120's can post in blog..What I learn and others..Honestly I never has a blog before and I don't know how to create a blog..But, fortune my sister know how to create a blog, so I can learn from her or ask her to do it for me..ha3..I don't think she will do it for me because this is my assignment not her..My sister teach me how to create a blog step by step and now I understand and know how to create it..

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