Monday, 9 January 2012

..speaking role play..

Today we learn about speaking.But before that, she tells us about speaking test will be held on 28th January.I feel shock and suddenly feel afraid.Although I have learn speaking skills before, I still can't speak properly.So, today,Miss Zu want us divide into 7 group.Each group have 4 group members.My group is number 4 and my group members are Zira,Mia and Harif.Then Miss Zu ask us to choose any number from 1 until 7 for our instruction.Every group got different instruction.My group got introduction about selling a new product.This is our instruction: You are a promoter who is selling a new product.You want to persuade your customers to buy the new product.Try to convince them in a way that you can sell your product.We decide to sell a new product which is a chair.Our chair name is HANAFAMA chair.Why HANAFAMA?Actually HANAFAMA is stand for our combined name.Our chair functions are for give an idea for complete any task given, for massage and for give energy.I felt very happy during present our new product.Speaking role play help to make me more confident during speaking in front of other people.I hope Miss Zu can held like this activity again.

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