Thursday, 12 January 2012

..conversation of situation involve in saying GOOD BYE..

Today Miss Zu give us a task about conversation of situation involve in saying good bye.She show us some of example situation in saying good bye.For example, friend saying good bye for for semester break, a mother saying good bye to her daughter before go to school and others.We need in pair to do the conversation.My friend need to guess what me and my partner talking about.The person who can guess what we are talking about will get 10 cent.My partner is Nazira.We decide to do a conversation about saying good bye between house mate.This is our conversation :
NAZIRA : Huhh...the whole day packing all the goods, but it still not enough for me.There have more goods in my closet to pack it.
FADHILAH : Take a breath Zira.Here a glass of water to wet your throat.
NAZIRA : Thank you.Where are the others?I can see they are not around here.Wow ! so fast you have done packed the goods.
FADHILAH : They went out for a while to buy the ingredients for tonight dishes.My goods are not too much.That's why I have done pack the goods
NAZIRA : I can see the goods there.
FADHILAH : Ahah ! My parents is here.Can you lend me your hand to bring my goods to my parent's car?

( After 5 minutes...)

NAZIRA : We have just known each other in a very short time.But, I feels like I have just known you for a long time ago.We shares a lot of sweet and bitter moments together and I expect you will never forget about it forever and ever.I really hope you will not forget me where ever you are.I do appreciate our relationship.It is great to be your friend.
FADHILAH : Me too Zira.I will never be regret for knowing you as my friend.You are the truly friend who I never have.It so hard to find someone like you.Do pray for my successful in the future.
NAZIRA : I will.Hopefully this is not our last meeting.Good bye my dear friend.
FADHILAH : Hopefully.Bye !

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