Monday, 30 January 2012

..speaking practice..

Today miss zu wants us to practice a speaking skills for speaking test. Speaking is around the corner so we need to practice before the test. As usual we need to make our group. But this time miss zu wants us to choose other group members. Each group has four members. My group members are Fakhrul, Ridhwan, Mas and Ada. This is first time we work together in group. Before this, I always with Zira. This is because I’m feel comfortable and easy work with her. My group instruction is The Malaysian public is not very concerned about cleanliness and good maintenance of public amenities. Discuss what the problems are and how we can encourage and give awareness to the public on this issue. Fakhrul as Doctor Dr. Hj. Fakhrul from Hospital Kuala Lumpur, Ridhwan as Dato’ Ridhwan from ministry of health and Ada and Mas as a citizen. I’m as a host. We enjoyed this activity because it can help us to practice how to speak in front of people and speak properly. Even my group has a lot of lacking such as discuss the same topic, but it teach us to learn from mistake. Lastly, I hope all student of group JIM 110 1A can do the best in speaking test and get the best result. Amin…..

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