Sunday, 29 January 2012

..conjunctions & prepositions..


Conjunctions is used to link of words to other parts of a sentence and show relations between them. There are three basic of conjunction :

  • coordinating 
  • correlative
  • subordinating
  1. Coordinating - join single words, phrases and clauses. For example
  • And - show addition, causes and result
  • Or, Nor - express alternative or choice
  • But, Yet - show contrast
  • For - introduces a cause or reason
  • So - introduces results
     2. Correlative- connect complete sentences, words or phrases of similar structure.For example
  • Either...or - means 'one or the other'
  • Neither...nor - means not one or another
  • Not only...but - there are several ways to use this conjunction
  • Both..and - usually used to connect only words
     3. Subordinating 
  • Time - answer the question 'when'
  • Place - answer the question 'where'
  • Reason - answer the question 'why'


Prepositions is used to connect words that show relationship among words in a sentence.

  • Time - show movement of a person or thing ( across, along, by, past, through, around, etc.)
  • Position - show the position of a person or thing ( under, beside, before, apposite, between, etc.)
  • Time - used tho show time (on, about, until, for, since, inside, during, till, etc.)

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